Social Studies





In second grade we study map skills and differentiating between people of today and long ago. We have several popular projects that the students and families love!


Illinois Pen Pals


Heritage Doll Project

The Heritage Doll Project is a project that teaches about the country of our ancestors. Students are asked to take home a template of a paper doll and dress it in traditional clothes of their chosen country. This is a fun research program that encourages families to work together by finding information about their culture! In a short oral presentation, students describe the traditional dress of their heritage doll, and tell about the ancestor that they chose to research. We are proud to represent countries from all around the world... The Philippines, Singapore, Japan, China, Serbia, Nicaragua, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Palestine, and many more!


Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley is an international traveler! He has explored local areas from our very own city, Pacifica, all the way to Japan and Antarctica. Stanley has even met celebrities like Buzz Aldrin, one of the first astronauts to walk on the moon! Your child will participate in this fun project which helps students get to know each other and the world better. Send Stanley to a friend or relative for a vacation and return him to school. We can't wait to hear about Stanley's adventures all across the globe! To learn about the Flat Stanley Project click here.


Pen Pals

All second graders have been practicing their friendly letter writing skills with their pen pals at Fox Chase Elementary School in Oswego, Illinois! Our second grade classes have partnered up with three other second grade classes in Oswego, Illinois. We have really enjoyed learning more about our pen pals, their interests, class activities, and information about Illinois. To learn more about Oswego, Illinois click here.